18 June 2009

"God prefers a Black man to blow a trumpet."

Found browsing the Salt Lake Tribune online edition a short piece entitled "Holy heck! Lightning blasts Angel Moroni at new temple" (http://www.sltrib.com/ci_12595131). A phenomena of our current 24/7, info-gulping, opine-yapping, ever-online culture is that those 7 sentences can yield 453 comments in the course of 2+ days. The event itself becomes a metaphor for local culture skirmishes as well as the larger and ever-blooming God is Dead/God is Everywhere battles. Not having read the 453 posts (after all I have a blog to write and even some "real' work as well!), I must wonder how much repetition and me-too-listen-here-I-gots-an-important-opinion is going on in those virtual reams of comments. I did find a few witticisms -- such as the title of this post -- but after the first page, mining for nuggets of cleverness (much less truthiness) becomes weary. What prompts us to fling our words (and time) into the online void, full well knowing that scant few will ever read them? Don't ask me...I have to update my Facebook status now.

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