11 August 2010

Cards, Part II

As a follow-on to my previous post about creating and selling cards, for any of you interested in doing the same, I thought I’d take a moment or two to detail the cards and suppliers I use.

First, I purchase most of my papers through a local Utah distributor, Ink Jet Art. Their prices are very competitive and they have an extensive supply of glossy, luster, satin, matte art and photo papers from such manufacturers as Moab, Harman, Ilford, Hahnemuhle, Illuminata, and Epson. They also carry inks, printers (Epson and Canon), and various manufacturers of canvas (I guess I should try printing on that someday). Ink Jet Art also carries two lines of cards and various paper and glassine envelopes for the cards. One line of cards that I occasionally use is Crane Museo. This stock is 100% cotton and really holds nice detail on its matte and lightly textured surface.  It comes in various sizes from 4.5” x 6” to 5.25” square to one of my favorites, the panoramic 4” x 9”. Ink Jet Art also carries what has been my go-to matte stock for the creation of 5” x 7” cards: Moab La Sal. This paper is a very smooth, matte-finish alpha cellulose 235 gsm weight stock. As with the Crane Museo, this stock is pre-scored and double-sided for printing. Unlike the Crane products you will need to order separate envelopes, which Ink Jet Art carries as well. They ship nationally and of course if you are in the Beehive State, you can will call as well.

I’m a big fan of matte and luster papers, but not so much glossy papers. However, my wife kept insisting that my cards would “pop” more if I found a glossy, pre-scored card stock to print them on. After searching, lo and behold, I found the stock that I have been using for over a year now: Red River Papers. They carry both glossy and matte cards stock, as well as linen and 100% cotton. I’ve used two different weights of the glossy stock and wife claims they look great (and I’m not arguing!). They also recently starting carrying a 100% recycled content matte finish card stock and after testing, it looks very good next to my Moab La Sal cards. Red River is not local to Utah but they deliver very quickly.

If you have some other paper sources out there for printing cards, let me know…I’m always keeping my eyes out for new and different ideas and products.


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